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An Almighty Singing Voice!
Liverpool Echo (UK)

Absolutely Amazing!
Jo Good BBC Radio London (UK)

Elouise’s interpretations stand apart
through her roof-raising voice.
So So Gay (UK)

A performer who has the kind of vocal strength that could bring down a chandelier at six paces.
Michael Edmonds, Birmingham Post (UK)

Sydney Star Observer (Australia)

Elouise really knows how to belt out a tune,
but her greatest skill lies in her unusual ability to interpret lyrics, bringing every nuance to life, Breathtaking!
Pop Addicts (Australia)

It's rare for music this studied
to also sound so effortless.
Peter Robinson, Popjustice (UK)

Elouise is a rare breed of artist, who has the forward vision of a future superstar, while also revealing an unabashed reverence for the classic divas of all time. Elouise is unlike any other performer Iʼve encountered in recent years. Sheʼs the ultimate, fresh-faced ingénue, yet sheʼs as assured as a seasoned veteran.
Larry Flick, Sirius XM (USA)

Managing to encapsulate sophistication, seduction, theatrics, soul, love, heart, cabaret, indulgence, diva, gorgeousness and just pure fun in her music – This collection of three tracks certainly marks the start of a very exciting career.
Fabtastic Music (Australia)

Every song is a vocal masterpiece requiring the stamina of an athlete. If ballad singing was an Olympic sport then Elouise would bring home gold!
Live Life In Songs (UK)

For live booking enquiries please contact Geoff Burke:
Tel: 07788181750
: geoff@shadesofsouluk.com

Alternatively please email Elouise at: info@elouise.co



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